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The ResourceBean object represents a single resource which a field worker can use during the process of doing a job. A list of resources is downloaded to appropriately set up field devices, and this list of resources can be selected from during the job, to represent parts used on the job.

It is an important note that, unlike all other EService complex data types, resources do not have a special EService primary key. Resources are required to have unique names, and thus the name of the resource is used by EService as the primary key.

Therefore, all methods requiring the use of unique identifier to modify or change a specific resoure record, will require the passing in of the name of the resource to be modified.


The data fields of this object.

Name Type Size Required Description
deleted boolean 1 No Indicates whether or not this resource is a deleted resource.
description String 50 No A short description of this resource.
name String 60 Yes The name (and primary key) of this resource. No two resources can have the same name.
resourceGroup String 50 Yes The name of the group to which this resource belongs.
synchronisation SynchronisationBean array N/A No The list of flags associated with this record, indicating the current synchronisation state for each flag.
unitValue BigDecimal 8 Yes An accurate decimal value of the resource as a whole.
updateIndex int 10 Yes The current update index of the record on the EService server.
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