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GetJobSummariesBetweenStatusAfterPKResult getJobSummariesBetweenStatusAfterPK(UserIDBean userID, JobStatus statusA, JobStatus statusB, String afterPK)


Obtains a summary of every job who's status lies between statusA and statusB, inclusive and who's primary key lies after the passed key. A null primary key will return every job that matches the status filter. A maximum of 1000 jobs will be returned and it is intended that this method will be called first with a null afterPK, and then repeatedly with the primary key of the last job in the array returned by the previous call, until a zero length array is returned.

No definition is provided for the "order" of jobs, save that jobs will be returned in an order such that the last primary key in the returned array will be after every other primary key in the array. Clients should not be written that rely on the behaviour of the afterPK parameter of this method save for the behaviour outlined above.


Type Name Description
UserIDBean userID The admin username and password.
JobStatus statusA The minimum (earliest) status the job must have been progressed to.
JobStatus statusB The maximum (latest) status the job must have been progressed to.
String afterPK The lowest (earliest) job primary key in which we are interested. Note that the job primary key is an integer value, assigned by EService, where each newly created job is assigned a non-sequential higher number than any job previously created.

Return Value


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