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Indicates that an attempt to update a record on EService failed as the request contained out of date information.

Each time a record is updated on EService, the records' UpdateIndex field is updated to a new random integer value. If an attempt is made to update the record, and the update index in the request does not match the update index in the record, this indicates the request information may be out of date, or unaware of the change of information in the record.

This failure is returned indicating the fact that updated information is contained in the record. The calling system must obtain the current update index, and thus the current record information, before an update may proceed.


The data fields of this object.

Name Type Size Description
Source ConcurrentUpdateSource N/A The source (record type) of the concurrency error.
RequestUpdateIndex int 10 The update index contained in the request.
ServerUpdateIndex int 10 The update index of the record in EService.
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